Saturday, 2 December 2017

Why Do Bad Things Always Happen On Thursday?

I had a not so good day at work and I needed to applaud myself for getting through the four remaining hours until I could finally go home. It didn't help that our apartment was infected with fleas and I dreaded going home being welcomed by hungry fleas waiting to feast on me. I suddenly noticed how bad things always happen to me on Thursday. Why can't I go through the week without a few trouble or misfortunes? I want to believe that I'm a trouble magnet and I will always be in trouble no matter how I try to avoid it.

I received a call from my aunt and she wanted me to come over because she has a problem with her internet connection. Even if I knew that I wasn't the appropriate person to be called, I decided to pay her a visit. We haven't catch up in a long time and I thought I needed a company to cheer me up a bit. As expected, I couldn't fix the problem and told her to call her internet provider instead. She asked me to stay after to pack my things that were still in her house. I could leave it there as long as they were packed neatly, which I thought was a good idea so I started packing my things, putting my stuff in a huge brown box.

I didn't realize I have accumulated so many things in my seven years of stay in Greece. I had this sudden desire to send them to the Philippines, resign from my job and book a flight home. I wonder how nice it would be if I'm packing my things because I'm already going to my country to stay there for good. Whenever I'm having a bad day, it seems going home is the first thing that comes to my mind. But I know, I will change my mind once everything is well again. And I hope, it would be. Sometimes, there is something missing in our lives which not even job satisfaction nor love ones can fulfill.

Anyway, I'm a bit worried that I will have a hard time sending my things in the Philippines. I think I should get rid of some of the books that I don't even read. I'm starting to think that hoarding is not healthy and I shouldn't have gave into the temptation of buying those second hand books in the first place. Well, I can sell them again after reading. But I have others that I could never get rid of as they possessed sentimental values, and now, I have to think of how to send them home and where to store them once they arrive as we only have a tiny house and I'm sure my mom will find a way to throw what she thinks are "garbage" without asking for my permission.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't a sentimental person. Perhaps, life will be less stressful once I let go of my useless belongings.

I should start collecting memories and not material things that one day will collect dust in the stockroom. I promise to practice minimalism and not hold on to things that can't replace people and memories.

It's funny how a lot of things came to my mind just because of this bad day.

Aegina Island

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Morning Rush

I decided to take some photos on my way to work and here are two of the best and most interesting photos I took.

Creative advertisement

Should I quit my job and apply as a nanny?
Monastiraki Train Station

Twelve times Minguk Describes My Life

1. How I eat when I'm hungry

2. How I stare at my favorite food.

3. When my order finally arrives.

4. When a plan I was bored to go suddenly got cancelled.

5. That time an important event I anticipated didn't happen.

And the times when I couldn't stop thinking about how miserable I was and asked myself why bad things happen to good people.

But I remember that there are many reasons to be happy.

and be fabulous...

6. When I try to console a friend

8. When I'm bored

9. When I try to ignore annoying people in my life

10.When someone makes a comment about my weight

11. And that time I tried to learn taekwondo

12. I'm just a happy and loving person.

I love watching the Korean series, Superman Returns where celebrities were being filmed taking care of their adorable kids. I was sad upon hearing the departure of Song Ilguk and the triplets from the show for they are my favorite among the families. I'll truly miss Daehan,Minguk and Manse. 

*Photos are not mine. Credits belong to the owner.

Crimson Peak

            Crimson Peak is a gothic romance, set during the Victorian era, that tells the story of young, budding writer, Edith who fell inlove with Baronet Thomas Sharpe, barely aware of his terrible past. This is a wonderful movie that will make viewers symphatize with all the characters and is definitely worth watching.

           My favorite character is Lucille, although she's supposed to be the villain in the movie. I could feel her desire to protect the only precious thing she has, Thomas, who unfortunately fell inlove with someone else. I would lose my sanity too if that ever happens to me. It was the first time I cried during a horror movie.

       “The horror was for love. Things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret… It is a monstrous love, and it makes monsters of us all.” This statement from Lucille made me feel for her even more and think that this is hers and Thomas' tragic lovestory and not with Edith. For me, it wasn't the ghost that made it scary, it's the thought that you could do everything for someone and still be left behind once they've found someone new.

        I would have watched it on the big screen but the movie was already pulled out from local cinema. I'm hoping for a sequel though, and would surely buy the novel version. Tom Hiddleston, the guy who played Thomas Sharpe, should also be credited for his outstanding performance.


One Day In Kalavryta

I found these photos from my old blog which I took during an excursion in Kalavryta, Greece. That was my first time to see the mountains covered with snow. I wasn't prepared at that time so I was shivering the whole trip. I'll promise to buy myself a decent snowboarding gear this winter.

My Wallet Is Empty Just Like My Soul

Goodbye homework, hello real work. Time flies real fast. Not so long ago, I was just a student, having a hard time budgeting my allowance (Don't even bother to ask how much.You will literally cry.) Now that I have my first real job, my life hasn't changed much. I'm still having difficulties managing my expenses and saving for the future. But then, I guess it's still early to  stress over money since I've only been working for a few months. I might as well enjoy a bit and have a little fun. So here are random but helpful advice I could recommend in order not to stress (and cry) over your inadequate salary and enjoy every cent.

1. Be optimistic At least you have a job. Imagine those who couldn't find work years after graduating. You may not be totally independent yet since your low salary won't allow you to have your own place, but you're one step closer towards your long-desired freedom. Hooray!

2. Keep Learning Now you have the chance to study what you want. May it be guitar, taekwondo or baking. Go back to school using your own money, and you will realize the importance of learning and truly participating in class. I'm spending almost all my salary paying for the language lesson I am currently enrolled and I do want to quit sometimes, thinking that I could spend the money somewhere else like buying nice clothes and other perks. But education is a good investment (well, sometimes). I know that while I'm still having doubts and feel like I'm wasting money for my language lesson, it could benefit me in the future (hopefully). Because I'm paying for the tuition fee, I couldn't afford to miss even one class and feel bad if I do. Really different from my younger years when I was using OPM (other people's money) to go to school. Now I realized what learning means, which is to understand the lesson and develop the skills you've learned.Totally different from elementary and highschool's ''memorizing without completely understanding, good grades are all that matters'' method which I got accustomed to. Enroll yourself to a vocational training or seminar to develop your skills. This could be an asset to your CV and will help open future opportunities. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you- BB KING

3. Be a good Samaritan Contribute to the house budget.Donate to local charities. It will help you feel that your money is going to a good cause. Treat your family in a nice restaurant or buy groceries for the week. It may not be big but your family will be happy to see you doing this.  

4. Save for tomorrow How can I save money when I don't have money to save? Well, everything is possible and we don't know how long we are going to have a job, so better save a cent every day and that will make...ehemm.. anyway, there's no one million if there's no one cent, right? Open up a bank account to deposit all your extra money or better yet, make it a habit to deposit something every time your paycheck arrives. If you think this is not a good idea and you don't have the time to go to an actual bank, there is one bank that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Piggy Bank. Just don't break the poor piggy just because you're hungry and you need coins.

5. Travel Take time to relax and enjoy yourself, visiting beautiful and interesting places you've never been before. Learn, create memories and be sure to enjoy and bring a bunch of souvenirs photos and local products with you.

6. Treat yourself Okay, don't be too harsh on your poor, hardworking,  self. You have to treat yourself once in a while and enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Now is the time to buy the things you desire. Just don't over do it.

7. Pay attention to romance A crazy advice. But if you have someone to spend your day-off  walking in the park, sharing stories about your work, saying 'I love you and reminding every minute that you miss them. you will feel happy and contended and will forget how miserable your life is because you have a very low salary, or it could be the opposite. You will learn to love your salary because you will realize that there are other things worse than that, like cheaters, liars and being taken for granted.

8.Enjoy the good things money can't buy. Don't let money hinders you from living a simple, happy life. Remember when you were  a kid and you were already happy when you have money, no matter how much it is. Be the same kid. Okay, I know that life gets complicated as we grow older but what I mean is we can still enjoy the same things we used to enjoy like staying at home with your family, watching a good film, hanging out with friends, being an active member of your church. Don't forget your family, spiritual and social life. After all, they were there before you got the job and will always be. If you focus all your attention and your whole life to your job, you will never be satisfied no matter what you do. When you get sick, who will take good care of you? Your job? your boss? the company you're working at? Seriously. Aside from paying your insurance (if they do) or granting your sick leave, don't expect anything from them. They only love you when you're a good, reliable employee but after that, trust me, nobody cares. Money can't buy everything. So  be happy and don't get stress. Enjoy the good things in life. ♪♫♪

*This post was retrieved from my old blog.

Amazing Movie Soundtracks

The winter season is over and it's been months after the blockbuster movie Frozen was released but the songs ''Let it go'' and ''Do you wanna build a snowman'' which were made popular by the movie are still trending in social media. Even my twenty something girl friends are crazy over the songs. I couldn't blame them. The songs are indeed catchy especially Do you wanna build a snowman which I sometimes sing while taking a shower. But there are other movie soundtracks that I'm crazy about even if the movies were released a long time ago. Here are my favorite movie soundtracks from animated children films:

1. I'll make a man out of you

 This song from the movie Mulan is one of my favorite movie soundtracks, considering that Mulan is my favorite Disney Princess. Plus, Shang is really hot and Mulan was so brave to disguise herself as a man, join the army and prove what a woman can do.

2. Under the Sea

The song is lively but also inspiring if you listen to the song's real message.

3. Lion King Simba's Pride Upendi and Not One of Us

 Lion King is my favorite movie as a child and even now as a twenty something adult. I like all Lion King movies but most of my favorite soundtracks are in the second movie.


This is the song when Kovu was exiled in Pride lands when he was accused of being a traitor.

4. Let it Grow

 No need to explain. I just find it adorable, with a very important message. This song is from the animated film, The Lorax.

 5. Free and Written in your heart

 Very inspirational. These are soundtracks from my favorite Barbie movie, The Princess and the Pauper. I actually love all the songs from this movie.

Last but not the least, Anastasia's Once Upon December Sad but I still couldn't stop listening to it. Perfect soundtrack for an enchanting story.

*This post was retrieved from my old blog.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Legend of The Guardians

This is a story of a young owl, Soren who was taken to a canyon land together with other young owls to be treated as slaves. His brother Kludd, who was captured with him was trained to become a soldier of the pure ones, a group of evil owl rebellion. With the help of Grimble, one of Soren's captor, who was secretly disloyal to the queen, Soren managed to escape with Gylfie. Grimble sacrificed his life for the young ones to escape and begin their search for the great tree of Ga'hoole and warn the guardians about the plan of the pure ones.

The love for power is the obvious reason why Kludd did not hesitate to betray his brother in order to win the affection of the Queen. I somehow understand Kludd's jealousy over Soren. But in a deeper sense, I think Kludd just needed praise and recognition. It is difficult to be compared to someone else, especially to your brother and although there was no real competition, Kludd's determination to surpass Soren's ability to fly and his longing to gain recognition motivated him to stand by the evil force. Parents should be sensitive when giving criticism as well as praise to their kids as it may lead to jealousy and rivalry among siblings. All children should be encourage to do their best regardless of their abilities.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Goodbye, Summer

“In every girls life; there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.” — Unknown
A story of a girl and her secret summer crush.

When I heard that multiply is closing down, I was so sad as I used to write my thoughts there. I was hoping that after some years, I will be seeing those notes again and remember the memories shared by them.I realized that there is no permanent space to share your feeling and thoughts. So I wanted to share this now, I know facebook is not forever but our heart never forgets. And perhaps, if he gets the chance to read this, he will know that he made someone happy and change someone's life just by simply existing.

My experience this summer made me realize that holding on to the idea of first love is stupid.I realized that I can love my second, third and even the 400th guy who will come in my life more than how much I loved the first one. You can control your tears from falling when you're hurt. You can limit yourself on giving everything to that relationship, you can avoid trusting someone too much but one thing is sure, you can never prevent yourself from falling in love again.

My friend thinks I'm desperate for knowing your birthday, the day the first time I saw you, the day you arrived at the staff house, your room number and the day we went out with our friends. But there are things that they don't understand. I felt inspired again after a very long time. I know my friends will never understand me and the way I'm still thinking about you even though you're a hundred miles away and it's been a month since the last time I saw you. My friends will never know how I feel. I may say a hundreds names of guys but no one knows who really holds my heart.

I know you're different, even if I met you in a world where it's difficult to find someone with an interesting character. I told myself that I will never like a guy who's wearing a business suit. But I know behind that smart look, you're an affectionate, down to earth person.

I remember how you can turn a serious conversation in a funny one without effort.

I remember the first time you said 'hi' and I was surprised when you smiled at me and I was so nervous I couldn't smile back. I bet you thought I was being rude.

I remember myself laughing and jumping on top of my bed as I got home,waking up the people living next door. I remember how my friends were laughing at me for being nervous to talk to you. They were forcing me to ask you out on a date but I think asking a guy out is a desperate act so I keep telling them the stupid reason that true love can wait. But the truth is, I was too nervous to talk to you and I don't want you to get the wrong impression as I thought you were a serious, conservative guy.

I remember the times when my friends and I were planning in my room on how am I going to ask you out. They asked me to knock in your room and just start a random conversation. I can still remember suggesting some stupid ways to talk to you.

1. Bring the bible, knock in your room and ask ''Do you want to hear the good news of the Lord?.''

2. Be straight forward and just ask, ''Hey, do you want to go out with me?''

3. Make a cheese toast and coffee, knock in your room and say, ''Room Service.''

4. Wait for my birthday and invite you to attend or knock in your room after the party and offer you some leftover food.

I can still remember the first time we went for swimming with our friends and our night outs together. Those were just borrowed times for we never actually had the chance to get to know each other. We always go out with other people and even the time when we were left alone, we never talked to each other. I did not want to be the first one to start the conversation and I guess you were thinking the same thing so the summer ended without us having a proper conversation.

Actually, we did. But it was not the kind of conversation that I was dreaming of. It happened at the office of the manager and I was so nervous I could not look at you properly. I was trying hard not to smile and keep telling myself to be professional but I could not help not to smile as I saw you smiling. I even wanted to laugh when I asked you about the location of the device being used to program the television channels and you answered me with '' I DON'T KNOW. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT THAT THING EXIST.''

I remember how disappointed I was when I found out that I was wrong about my first impression of you. You were not the serious, conservative guy that I thought you were. But it did not make me like you less. Even though I keep telling my friends that I don't like you anymore and that you were not my ideal guy, deep inside, I regret that I did not get the chance to be close to you.

I remember the day you left. I saw her giving back her uniform and I knew that you were leaving together so I decided that I'm going to swallow my pride and talk to you for the last time and say goodbye.

I remember how sad I was, staring at your empty room, wondering what would have happened if I come earlier and see you before you left.
Staying in that place without you was a blur. I thought I would never get over that sadness. But surprisingly, although I was sad, I did not cry even if I wanted to. Because all I could think about were the happy memories. The way you inspired me that I learned to love my work. I wanted to be successful someday so that I can be good enough for you. I wanted to create a good reputation in the job so that I can go back again next summer.

I cared about what people will think if I ask you out or started flirting with you so I waited for you to talk to me instead of making the first move. I used to do stupid things before but not because I did not do stupid things this time, it means I don't have the same feelings for you. I love you more than I loved anyone.

But I'm more responsible now. I need to think of my parents, my studies, my job and my future. I know I'm not the only one who's going to suffer if I make another mistake. I did not cry for you as I cried before, but I'm sad and hurt, more than I was hurt before. But I will never cry for you, because I know it's not yet the end. Someday, we will see each other again, and to hell with my pride, I'm going to compete with other bitches to win your attention. Just kidding. Maybe when we see each other, I probably have summoned all the courage I need to say hello.

Thank you for being my inspiration. I know my life will never be the same again. Because of you, I started believing in myself again. You inspired me to achieve great things, stand for myself and follow what is best for everyone. This experience gave me a sense of maturity and while giving importance to my studies and work, I learned how to take a break and enjoy life. You made me realize that love is enough reason to be happy. And someday if I fall in love again, I'm going to remember you to be reminded how a guy as smart as you can give up everything for love. I know you made the right decision and maybe, I'm not good enough for you. I admire you for putting love as your priority more than work and I wish I have the courage to do the same. But although I may sound like a workaholic, cold-hearted, egoistic person, I know I did the right thing too. To concentrate in my work first and leave love on its own time. I can be the most stupid person you've ever seen and do stupid things in the name of love. But for me, love is not about doing stupid things for someone. It's about doing great things. Because everybody can do stupid things, you don't have to be in love to do stupid things. But it takes love, inspiration and a strong desire to please someone for you to achieve great things. And I want you to remember me, not as someone who did stupid things for you, but as the girl who tried to be the right person for you and love you in her own little ways.

There is a time for everything, and maybe it was not our time yet. But I will never forget that place and the summer when I met you. And even if our time will never come, I will always be thankful that you passed by in my life. Even if you don't feel the same way, you will always be in my heart.

A lot of guys can impress you with their romantic gestures and thoughtful acts and can attract you with their killer smiles but it will take a special guy to inspire and bring out the best in you.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I'm Lazy and I Know It

Education is not only a privilege of people with high level of intelligence. Although I agree that intelligent people have more chances to excel and get higher marks, a strong determination with hard work will make our goals possible. It's very easy to say that if you study hard, you're going to get a high mark. But for some people, it's not that simple. How can you learn properly if paying attention has always been a problem?     When you don't have the ability to control your mind to process the information that do not interest you?  But for now, I'm not going to use my condition as an excuse, and blame laziness for my lack of initiative to do something worthwhile. I'm going to adopt a positive attitude and develop the love for learning. I will go back to my old nerdy self, who spends her day reading books and writing stupid stories and poems. And lastly, I'm going to exert effort on my studies (o.o Aww! really?) Laziness, leave me alone :) So today, I downloaded lots of e-books for me to read and started working on my articles that will later on be posted on my helium account. Stay tuned! I hope I can really keep up with my new year's resolution this time.